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Bisca Twerk by Sentrykid105
Bisca Twerk
A picture based on one of my stories drawn by a good friend and amazing artist: :iconkobi-tfs:
{In the woods, not too far from Magnolia}

"Isn't this fun, B.G?" Asuka Connell smiled as she and her newest partner walked along a small path in the forest.

"Yeah, I'm having a real blast....." BlackGatomon replied sarcastically as she swatted at the insects buzzing around her.

Hoping to form a better relationship between the two, the tiny cowgirl decided that it would be a good idea for her and BlackGatomon to go on a small trip together to see if they could see any cool things in the forest together, Asuka carrying a few pokeballs with her in case they saw any cool Pokemon she wanted to capture. Sure, Asuka already had both a Charizard and a Magikarp at her disposal, but what harm would it do to capture a FEW more?

"Mommy says that the forest is really beautiful this time of year." Asuka chirped as she looked up at the trees.

"Hmph.............. Nothing I haven't seen before." B.G huffed as the two walked along.



As the two walked along, neither was aware of the pair of eyes following their every move. Planning. Waiting for the right moment to strike.


After a long time of walking, but no running into anything cool or special, Asuka finally decided to stop and rest for a bit.

"Snack time~!" Asuka chirped as she took her hat off, reached into it, and pulled out a small picnic basket. She then laid it down on a nearby rock, opened it up, and began pulling food out. "Let's see.............. I have................... Candy bars............... Chips............ soda..........., and Mommy made us some sandwiches if you want."

"Sweet." BlackGatomon smiled as she grabbed herself some grub and the two sat down, enjoying a nice meal together. As they ate, they were approached from the bushes by a small creature.

"Sniff...... Sniff..... Mankey?" the creature slowly drew closer to the picnic basket. With light peach fur, brown paws, a long tail, two triangular ears, and a small pig-like snout, it resembled a simian animal with no neck.

"Hmm?" Asuka turned and saw the wild Mankey approaching. "Hi there." she smiled kindly. "Want some of our food?"

"Man! Man! Mankey!" Mankey smiled and nodded eagerly.

"Don't, Asuka." BlackGatomon said sternly as she ate the last bite of her sandwich. "If you give him some food, he'll just keep asking for more."

"Oh, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to give a little bite~." Asuka smiled as she reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a small donut. "Besides, he's just a little hungry guy. He won't hurt us," she said as she handed Mankey the donut,  "will you, Mankey?"

"Mankey!" Mankey gladly accepted the donut, and ate the whole thing up in less than a few bites.



"See?" Asuka smiled. "He's harm-"

"Mankey!" before she could finish, however, Mankey quickly snatched Asuka's small cowgirl hat and took off running. The mischievous creature quickly climbed up a nearby tree and looked down triumphantly at his new play-thing.

"Hey! That's mine!" Asuka cried as she ran over to the tree. "Give it back!"

"Mankey~. Mankey~. Mankey~." Mankey smiled smugly and placed Asuka's hat neatly on his head, mocking the little cowgirl.

"I'm surprised he didn't take the picnic basket........"

"Grr!....... Why you!........." Asuka began climbing up the tree to retrieve her hat. However, she was no good climber, and before she could make it half-way up the tree,


Asuka landed on her little rump on the ground.

"BlackGatomon," the little girl turned to her companion, "go up there and get my hat back!"

"Don't look at me." the black feline shrugged. "YOU'RE the one who gave him food, not me. This is your problem, not mine."

"BlackGatomon............." Asuka began tearing up, but then an idea popped into her mind.

"Go Magikarp!"

Asuka pulled out a small red and white sphere, and threw it up into the air.


"Karp! Karp! Magikarp!" on the same branch as Mankey, Asuka's Magikarp landed not too far away from the mischievous thief.

"Magikarp, go get my hat back!" Asuka ordered.

"Karp! Karp!" Magikarp flopped around on the tree branch, doing next to nothing to help.

"....... Mankey?" Mankey stared at the red fish in confusion. What was this useless fish gonna do against him?


Without any hesitation, Mankey delivered a soft kick to Magikarp's side, sending the red fish hurling down to the ground.


"Karp............." Magikarp lay on the ground unconscious. Fighting was NOT Magikarp's field of expertise.

"Magikarp!" Asuka ran to her fish partner's side.

"You sure it was a good idea sending out that useless fish?" B.G snorted.

"There, there, Magikarp, it's all right," Asuka smiled and reassured Magikarp as she softly ran her hand across Magikarp's side, "Just because you lost a fight doesn't make you any less of a Pokemon."

"Karp~." Magikarp may have not been the sharpest tool in the shed, but even he understood kindness from such a sweet girl.

"Go back to your Pokeball and get some rest, okay?" Asuka pulled out Magikarp's pokeball and pressed the small button on it.


'Man.......... She really doesn't have a mean bone in her body, does she? BlackGatomon thought to herself. Up in the tree, changes began happening to Mankey's body.

"Mankey! Mankey!" Mankey's entire body began glowing, and he began undergoing a transformation. His tail began receding back into his body, which was now becoming bigger and bulkier. The fur on his arms and his legs began shedding off, revealing muscular arms and legs with metal rings around them.

"Now what!?" B.G cried nervously as she and Asuka watched Mankey changing.

"............... Primape!"


the now evolved Primape jumped down from his spot on the tree branch. He was now several times bigger and nastier-looking than before, causing the ground to shake when he landed on the ground. Primeape was so large and bulky, Asuka's hat flew up into the air and landed a few feet from Asuka.

"My hat!" Asuka quickly snatched her hat back and placed it neatly on her head.

"Primeape! Primeape!"

"BlackGatomon............. why's he looking at us like that?" Asuka asked nervously. Not only was this pokemon bigger, but he was also angrier-looking, glaring daggers at the duo before him.

"Asuka...." the black feline sweat-dropped nervously, "...... Run!"




The girls ran as far as their little legs could take them, the angry Mankey following not too far behind. BlackGatomon and Asuka ran as far as they could, past every rock, across every river, through every bush, yet Mankey remained hot on their tail. After a while of running, they eventually came across a fork in the road.

"Ooh! Cool fork!" Asuka smiled as she snatched the fork, and continued running.

{Author's Note: *Badum-Tss*.............. But no, seriously, the trail split up into two different routes.}

"Asuka, let's split up!" B.G exclaimed as they ran. "You go right, and I'll go left! He can't follow the both of us."

"Good idea, BlackGatomon." Asuka smiled, and the two split up and went in opposite directions.


"Why's he going after me?!" Asuka cried as she heard the footsteps of the angry Primeape in hot pursuit.



After an eternity of running, Asuka soon came to a dead end.

"Aww man......" Asuka whined, a tall cliff blocking her from running anywhere else.



"Primeape!" Primeape stepped out of the woods and drew closer to Asuka, cornering her.

"Oh! I know!" Asuka perked up as an idea popped into her mind. "Go Charizard!"


"Char!" Draco, Asuka's heterochromic Charizard, spewed fire from his mouth as he stood between Asuka and Primeape.

"Get'em, Draco!" Asuka exclaimed and pointed at Primeape.

"Char!" Charizard drew his mighty wings out, and flew straight at the wild Primeape.

"Primeape!" Primeape pumped his fists, getting ready for battle.


{Less than a minute later}


"Charizard........" Charizard hit the ground hard, his body covered in bruises and his right eye completely black and swollen up.

"Huff, huff........... Primeape......." Primeape huffed as he advanced towards Asuka. Despite being covered in plenty of bruises and burn marks, the brown fighting simian still had enough energy and stamina to finish the job.

"This can't be how it ends!" Asuka began tearing up as she stared into the angry eyes of the wild Mankey. "Not like this! I have so many of Sentrykid's stories to be in........"

"Primeape!" Primeape launched himself towards Asuka ready to attack.

"Kyaaaaaaaaa!" Asuka closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable.

"Lightning Paw!"


All of a sudden, a black blur quickly smacked Primeape on the head, sending him toppling back several feet. In front of Asuka, BlackGatomon stood ready to fight.

"BlackGatomon! You saved me!" Asuka smiled when she saw the black feline.

"Hmph. Don't mention it." B.G smirked. "Leave this chump to me, Asuka."

"Right." Asuka smiled and nodded. Over with Mankey, the wild creature slowly stood up.

"Prime...........ape!" Primeape slowly stood back up. Mankey would normally brush these kind of attacks off, but his fight with Charizard earlier had left him tired and drained.

"Lightning Kick!"


Before he knew what hit him, Primeape suddenly received a heavy kick to the face, sending him sprawling head-first into a nearby tree.


Primeape received a good hit to the head.

"Primeape~............" the angry simian now lay half-conscious on the tree stump, his eyes now a series of black spirals, a huge welt on his head.

"Go pokeball!" Asuka threw a red and white sphere up into the air towards Primeape.






The pokeball stopped rocking, and clicked softly.

"Yay! I caught a Primeape!" Asuka cheered as she picked up the pokeball containing her new catch. "Time to let him out......"

"Uh....... You sure that's a good idea, Kid?" BlackGatomon asked nervously.

"Yeah!" Asuka chirped, and threw the pokeball up into the air.


"Primeape!" Primeape now stood proudly in front of his new trainer.

"See?" Asuka smiled. "He's not so bad~."

"I don't know.........." BlackGatomon muttered reluctantly.

"Char................." over with Draco, the orange dragon slowly managed to stand back up, a feat that proved difficult thanks to the bruises all over hos body.




"Charizard?!" A heavy punch sent Draco sprawling several feet back, sending him crashing head-first into the bed of the nearby cliff.

"Never mind. He's fine with me~." BlackGatomon smirked.

"Primeape!" Primeape flexed his mighty muscles. Clearly, Asuka had gained a great new asset to the team. 

"Yay! A new friend!" Asuka cheered as she ran over and hugged Primeape's arm. This was the beginning of a new friendship.
No More Mankeying Around
Asuka and BlackGatomon decide to go on a little trip together. However, things go south when they run into a little pokemon with huge anger issues. Who will Asuka catch next? You'll just have to wait and see :)
"🎵Happy birthday to you~.🎵"



Wendy Marvell and Chelia Blendy smiled and bowed before their audience.

"Do another song! Do another song!"

After the battle with the evil demons of Tartaros, the Fairy Tail guild had been disbanded by the master himself, Makarov Dreyar, forcing all the members to go their separate ways. With nowhere else to go, Wendy turned to her friend Chelia and Lamia Scale for a home, which they were more then happy to provide, along with a new family for the young dragon slayer. During her time as a member of Lamia Scale, Wendy and Chelia had decided to form a musical duo together known as the "Sky Sisters", seeing as they were the Sky Dragon Slayer and the Sky God Slayer respectively. The two were an instant hit, and quickly earned a large fan base.

One day, while the two friends were hanging out at the Lamia Scale guild, they received a personal letter addressed to the two of them. According to the letter, the president of the Sky Sisters fan club, Annie Granger, was having her seventh birthday party in a few short days, and Mrs. Granger was willing to pay the Sky Sisters a great reward if they agreed to play at her daughter's birthday. Seeing no reason not to, and surprised that they had a fan club, the duo were quick to agree, and began practicing for their next performance.

"I think that one song's enough, everyone." Mrs. Granger smiled softly.

"Aww~......." several kids whined. As the Sky Sisters got off the small stage that the Granger had set up for them in the backyard, they were approached by a little girl.

"You girls were amazing! You sing so beautifully~." the girl smiled. "Thank you so much for coming to my birthday party! You two are the best!"

"No problem, Annie." Wendy smiled down at the little girl.

Annie Granger was a sweet little girl with black hair tied in pig tails. The tiny adorable child wore a cute, small red dress, and adorable blue eyes.

"Thank you girls for doing this." Mrs. Granger smiled.

"Yeah, don't mention it." Chelia smiled.

"Umm..................... if it's not too much trouble or anything............" Annie said nervously as she twiddled her fingers together, ".......... can you girls do ONE last thing for me?................ you know, as a birthday wish?...................."

"Honey, I think it's time we let these nice girls head home." Mrs. Granger said to her daughter.

"Oh, we don't mind." Wendy smiled kindly.

"Yeah." Chelia nodded. "What's your birthday wish, Annie?" she turned to the little girl.

"Would you girls mind.................... watching a video I made for the two of you?" Annie blurted out. "It won't take too long. It's only a couple minutes long." she said. "The girls and I from the Sky Sisters fan club worked on it for weeks now, and I was hoping you two would watch it."

"Aww~! You made a video just for us?" Chelia cooed. "That's so sweet of you~!"

"We'd love to watch it." Wendy smiled.

"You would?!" Annie smiled brightly.

"Yup." the Sky Sisters nodded.

"Great!" Annie cheered. "Follow me!" she lead her two idols into her house.

"Don't take too long, Annie." Mrs. Granger said behind them.

"We won't." Annie replied as the trio stepped into the house.


{Inside the house}

"We'll watch the video in my room." Annie smiled as the trio walked down a long hallway. As they walked, they passed a room with the door creaked open.

"Hey Annie, what's this room?" Chelia asked as she looked into the room. Inside, she saw a nursery room with a soft carpet, several stuffed animals laying around, and two baby cribs up against two separate walls.

"Oh....... that room......" Annie muttered. Even though she was still smiling, Wendy could see the sadness in her blue eyes. "Not too long ago.......... the doctors said that Mommy was going to have twins." she explained. "But............. when they went back to the doctors several months later.......... the doctors must've said something mean or something, because when Mommy and Daddy came back, they were crying........." she said, the memories still in her little mind. "....... They were saying something about a............ 'miscarriage'....... or something............."

"Oh............" Chelia sweated dropped nervously.

"Uh........................ hey, where's that video again?" Wendy said quickly, wanting to change topics as soon as possible.

"Oh, right!" Annie perked up. "Right this way." she lead the Sky Sisters to her room.

Annie's room was a standard room for someone her age. With posters of the Sky Sisters hanging on the walls everywhere, Wendy and Chelia realized that this girl was extremely committed to her club, even at home. At one end of the room, Annie lead the duo to a large TV screen with a DVD player underneath. Annie pushed a small button on the DVD player.


An empty slot popped out of the DVD player, and Annie placed a disc inside before pressing the small button again


The slot closed.

"I'll be right back." Annie chirped as she got up and left the room. "I'm gonna go get us some drinks.

"All right." Wendy smiled as she and Chelia stayed in the room to watch the video.

The video was a standard power-point slide, with several pictures of the Sky Sisters singing in front of their fans.

"These girls are good editors." Chelia smiled as she watched the TV screen. However, just when it looked like it was finally going to get to the good part, everything changed.

"Huh? Is this suppose to be part of the video?" Chelia asked. The Sky Sisters were now staring at an endless loop of spiraling swirls. "This is weird............. Wendy?" she turned to her friend.

".............. Uh............................" Wendy wasn't listening, however, as her brown eyes remained glued to the TV screen, mesmerized by the spiraling swirls, unaware as her brown eyes slowly turned into matching swirls themselves.

"Wendy...... are you feeling okay?" Chelia asked nervously as she watched her friend stare into the screen. ".................... Wendy?............... Look, if this is suppose to be a prank, it's not very fun............. not fun............. not.................... Ffffffffuuuuuuuuu...." all of a sudden, Chelia began trailing off as she stared into the monitor as well, and her mind started becoming a mush of incoherent thought. "............ Ugh............."

".................... Uh............................." the Sky Sisters were now in a deep hypnotic trance, their spiraling eyes glued to the TV screen.


{Several minutes later}

"Girls, I'm back!" Annie chirped as she walked back into her room, the black haired child holding a tray with three cups. "I brought dri-!?"

"Baa, baa, baa~." Annie suddenly stopped and stared awkwardly at the sight before her. In her room, the fan girl stared in confusion and curiosity as her two idols crawled around on the floor while babbling like infants. "Blaa, blaa, blaa~."

"Um........ Girls?....... Sky Sisters?................." Annie stared completely baffled. "Are.... you two feeling okay?..............."

"Blaa, blaa, blaa~." Wendy, who was sitting on her rump and suckling on her thumb, babbled in response.


Over on the wall, Annie's TV screen was now random static and noises.

"Huh.............. the video must've ended already........" Annie reasoned. "Anyways," she smiled and turned to Wendy and Chelia, "who want drinks~?"

"Gaa~!" the now mentally regressed duo crawled over to their #1 fan and took a cup from the tray.



"Gulp, gulp.............. Gulp, gulp.............." more soda spilled down Wendy and Chelia's chins than what entered their mouths, as the two seemingly forgot how to drink out of cups properly, and ended up spilling soda all over themselves and the carpet.

"Are you two feeling okay?" Annie asked again. These girls were DEFINITELY acting strange.

".......... Mama.............. Mama........." Wendy and Chelia crawled over to Annie, and began smothering her in love and hugs. Then, an idea popped into Annie's mind.

"Aww~! Do you two want to play house with me?" the black haired child smiled eagerly.

".... Ah.... Ah..... Ah.." the duo nodded and smiled.

"And let me guess," Annie smirked, "I'm the Mommy?"

Wendy and Chelia nodded.

"Oh! This is gonna be the greatest birthday ever!" Annie cheered. Then, the tiny child quickly got into character. "Ahem................. Aww, did the babies have accidents?" she asked in a motherly tone.

"Blaa, blaa, blaa~." the Sky Sisters babbled in response, their clothes covered in soda.

"There, there, it's all right," Annie reassured the duo as she grabbed them by their hands and lead them out of the room, "Mommy will make it all better~." Annie then lead the girls into another room down the hall. The nursery room.

Once in the room, Annie helped Wendy and Chelia up and laid them down flat on their backs on two separate changing stations.

"We won't be needing these anymore~." the little girl chirped as she stripped both girls down to their birthday suits, and threw their dirty clothes in a laundry chute. "And now, time to put some diapers on those little butts of yours~." she cooed, then went straight to work.

The job may have been difficult for others, but Annie was a committed little girl. It was not easy, but the blue eyed child went back and forth between the Sky Sisters, powdering their butts, sliding diapers under them, powdering their womanhoods, and taping their diapers up.

"Legs up, Little Wendy~." Annie cooed as grabbed both of Wendy's ankles and hoisted them up high, sliding an unfolded diaper underneath.

"Blaa, blaa, blaa~." Wendy babbled.

The job was not easy, nor was it quick, but Annie never gave up. Soon, after several minutes of hard work and determination, the Sky Sisters were now clad in thick and bulky diapers taped snugly around their waists.

"There, all done." Annie smirked as she helped the Sky Sisters sit up. "And to add the finishing touches........." the little girl slipped baby shirts over both girls's arms. The shirts were not too big, barely reaching up to the duo's belly buttons. Wendy's shirt was dark blue in color and had a drawing of a smiling angel, while Chelia's shirt was pink in color and had a drawing of a smiling flower.

"So, what game do you girls want to play first?" Annie asked as she helped the two girls get down from the changing stations.

As soon as the two were down, Wendy immediate waddled over the toy chest, and rummaged through it. After a few minutes of searching, she perked up, and snatched something from inside.



"Hehe~.......... wattle, wattle..........." Wendy giggled as she shook a pink baby rattle in her hand. "......... Wattle, wattle..........."

"Gaa, gaa, gaa~.........." Chelia crawled over to the large pile of plushies and snatched a fluffy teddy bear, hugging and squeezing it close to her face. "Mmm~............ Teddy~.........."

"Girls, Annie," Mrs. Granger smiled as she entered her daughter's bedroom holding slices of cake, "do any of you girls want some ca-?!" the mother paused when she saw the Sky Sisters acting like babies and clad in diapers.

"Oh, hey Mom." Annie smiled and turned to her mother. "Check it out! The Sky Sisters are playing house with me, and I'm the Mommy~!" she chirped.

"..............." Mrs. Granger was at a loss for words.

"Who wants cake~?" Annie cooed as she snatched the slices of cakes from her mother's grasp and passed them out to herself and her two idols.

"Baa~........" Wendy and Chelia dropped their play-things, and waddled over to grab the baked sweets.



The Sky Sisters also forgot how to eat properly as well, as they grabbed chunks of cake with their hands and stuffed their little faces, getting plenty of crumbs and cake icing all over their hands and mouths.

"................. Enjoy your cakes." Mrs. Granger smiled nervously as she slowly stepped towards the closest telephone larcyma. "Don't mind me................ I'm just going to make a quick phone call................"


{Later that evening}

"Thank you again for calling me, Mrs. Granger." Sherry Blendy, Chelia's cousin, smiled.

"Zzzzzzzzzz............ Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........" Cradled in both of her arms, the Sky Sisters slept peacefully as they both suckled on a pacifier, Wendy's blue and Chelia's pink.

"No problem at all." Mrs. Granger smiled kindly. "Are you sure you don't want to take some birthday cake? I'm sure we have plenty."

"No thank you, Ma'am." Sherry replied. "I have to get these two back home as soon as possible." she began heading back to the Lamia Scale guild.

"Have a safe trip!" Mrs. Granger smiled and waved the trio goodbye.

"Aww~! Did they have to leave so soon~?" Annie whined as she saw the Sky Sisters leave.

"Yes, Honey, they have a home just like you." Mrs. Granger said as she hoisted her daughter up and carried her back into their house. "Now then, bath time~!"

"Aww man~!"


As Sherry headed back to the guild, she decided to have a small chat with the mentally regressed duo cradled in her arms.

"You two sure did have fun today, huh?" Sherry smirked. "Can't wait to tell the others about this~......."




"Sniff, sniff............ looks like you two are gonna need diaper changes when we get home~." the older woman cooed as a horrible stench filled the air.
#1 Fan
Wendy and Chelia, the Sky Sisters, meet their number one fan for her birthday party. Things, however, don't go according to plans.
{At the Connell residence}

"........... and this is my room." Asuka Connell smiled.

"Uh-hu........ I can see that........." BlackGatomon nodded as she entered Asuka's room.

After just one brief encounter, Asuka had somehow managed to become friends with the socially withdrawn member of the Justice Squad, the Void. As a small gift of friendship, the mysterious man had given the tiny toddler her own pet BlackGatomon. Now, Asuka was currently showing the black cat around the house where she was going to live.

"There's my bed, those are my toys......" Asuka pointed at the items in her room.

"Hey, Asuka," BlackGatomon walked over to a small desk, "what's this thing?" she asked as she held up a small pink notebook.

"Oh, that?" Asuka smiled. "Wow........... I haven't used that thing in like............. forever." she smiled sheepishly. "It's a magical notebook. You see, when I write people's names in it-"

"Asuka. Who's your new friend?" a female's voice asked.

"Oh, hey Ra." Asuka turned and smiled at her genie friend, Raghba.

"Ra?" B.G looked at the tan skinned genie.

"BlackGatomon, meet my other friends." Asuka smiled. "This is Raghba, she's a genie."

"Nice to meet'cha, Ra." Gatomon held her tiny paw out.

"Hmm............" Raghba stared suspiciously at the black feline, not shaking hands with her.

"What's wrong, Ra?" Asuka asked, seeing Ra's stern look.

"........... I've got my eye on you....." Ra said to BlackGatomon, then teleported away.


"Gee, a real stick in the mud, huh?" BlackGatomon shrugged.

"Hehe. I'm sure she was just joking around." the tiny cowgirl giggled nervously. This was not a good start.

"Any more of your....... oh-so delightful friends I should meet?" BlackGatomon asked sarcastically.

"As a matter of fact........... there is." Asuka smiled as she pulled out a tiny red and white sphere, and threw it up into the air.


"Char!!!!!" Asuka's heterochromic Charizard, Draco, roared as it stood proudly in front of his owner.

"The hell!? A dragon!?" B.G exclaimed.

"BlackGatomon, meet Draco." Asuka introduced her orange fire-breathing companion. "Draco, meet BlackGatomon."


"I found him in a dream, you know."

"A........... Chazrizard, huh?" BlackGatomon smirked as an idea crossed her mind. "Let's see if he knows Digimon language, eh." she cleared her throat, and started speaking in another language.

"Meow meow meow, meow-meow. Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow?" BlackGatomon said.

[Translation: Nice to meet'cha, Fire-breath. Just so we're clear, I'm Asuka's number one companion now, and the sooner you accept that, the faster it will be for us to be friends. Capiche?"]

Charizard had other thoughts.

"Charizard Char, Char Char Char-."

[Translation: Try it, you little bi-]

"Okay. I'm gonna stop you right there before you say anything else, Draco." Asuka smiled nervously as she pulled out Chatizard's pokeball.


Draco was back in his pokeball.

"Well, he certainly had colorful language." BlackGatomon snickered.

"Let's see............ am I missing anyone else?........." Asuka pondered as she looked around her room for more of her friends to introduce. "........... Oh yeah, there's Magikarp over there." she pointed towards her desk.

BlackGatomon looked, and on Asuka's counter, she spotted a large red fish with a yellow dorsal fin, long yellow whiskers, a white tail, white fins, and a dopey look in his eyes floating around in a fishbowl.

"Karp. Karp. Magikarp."

"I won him at a carnival." Asuka chirped.

"Looks tasty~." B.G smiled and her mouth began watering.

"........... Moving on............" Asuka grabbed BlackGatomon by the paw before she could devour her Magikarp and brought her to the last person left to meet. Over at a corner of the room, a lone girl sat playing with a deck of cards by herself. For a weird reason, she bared a striking resemblance to Asuka, but with darker skin.

"BlackGatomon, meet Eve." Asuka introduced the two. "Eve, meet BlackGatomon. She's gonna be staying with us for a while."

Teth Eve looked over, but gave no response.

"Uh.............. you sure she's your friend, Kid?" b.G asked curiously.

"Well, considering that she hasn't turned into Black Marvel or tried killing me yet, even though I got rid of her duct tape, is a good sign." Asuka chirped innocently. "Right, Eve?"

Eve still gave no response, gave Asuka a spiteful glare, and went back to her game of cards.

"See? Beneath all of that anger and lust for vengeance, I'm sure there's a kind little teddy bear~." Asuka smiled.

'Can't see the bad in people, can ya?' the black cat sweat-dropped.


"Anyways," Asuka said, "this is my house, and those are my friends."

"........ interesting crowd......." BlackGatomon muttered. Then, she smiled deviously as an idea crossed her mind.

'Hmm........ I wonder what kind of pranks I'll be able to pull off here~.........' the black feline grinned from ear to ear as she already began to plan out funny pranks she could pull off.

"I can tell you and I are gonna be great friends, Gatomon!" Asuka chirped as she pulled BlackGatomon in for a great big hug.

"Ugh!................. Yipee........." B.G replied sarcastically as she was squeezed by the tiny cowgirl. 'This is gonna be fun....' she muttered in her mind.
BlackGatomon's New Home
BlackGatomon officially moves into the Connell residence, and meets a couple of the other residents. 

Looks like Charizard has some competition now :3
Yeah, hey everyone. Classes are back, and unfortunately, that means less time on Deviantart :(

So, I'm not saying I'm going to be on Hiatus or anything, I'm just letting you all know I won't be spending as much time writing stories as usual.

Just thought I'd let you all know. So, with that, have a wonderful day :)


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Sentrykid105 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
No prob :)
Masao114 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
Thanx for the continued faves, Sentry. :)
Sentrykid105 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
No prob :)
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